Top 5 Tips For Finding a Local Accountant

Many business owners want to know how to find the best local accountant for their business. There are several important things that they have to consider when looking for a reliable accountant and there are several choices of companies in Guildford.  There are also quite a few types of accountants, and all of them have extensive knowledge and skills for helping other business owners when it comes to company tax affairs. As every business owner knows keeping to a tax return deadline can be quite difficult, especially if business accounts is not your skill-set!

However, it is very important to compare some of the accountancy firms before choosing the best one for you.

Here are some useful tips will may help you make a decision on which accountancy company to go for.

Referrals are always a good idea!

This is has to be the easiest step that people can take when they want to find a high quality accountant for their business. By getting referrals from either other business owners or friends who have tried and tested, can save you a lot of time having to hunt around and compare.  In the main information from this source is one that can be trusted. It is not a difficult task to get referrals and many may have had a similar accountancy need for their business or personal affairs.

Accountants-GuildfordWhen requesting referrals from others, make sure you get a wide variety of different people to recommend someone.  Preferably someone who uses a particular firm for their business, someone who has personal accountancy requirements and similar.

Be sure to check out their certification and qualifications before employing a company!

Certification and/or qualifications is another extremely important factor that people should take into account when hiring a professional local accountant. It is important to choose the best company, and ones who have industry accreditation, for example Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and other similar organisations. In order for the accountant(s) to get these qualifications, they will need to passed stringent exams from these accountancy associations. Any accountant with either of these certifications usually has good qualifications to become a great accountant for most types of businesses. Therefore, it is very important to look at the certification given by these associations.

Check out what experience the accounts company or individual accountant has.

This is another useful tip for all business owners who want to find a good local accountant. Experienced accountants usually have great skills in working with literally all types of businesses, regardless of whether you need for them corporation or income tax matters.

They are also very familiar with company tax rules and regulations.  Because of this reason, and what can be a very complicated area, business owners need to find an experienced accountants to ensure that their company accounts are in good order.

It is recommended to hire a professional local accountant with more than 5 years of experience. Although most experienced accountants are able to work easily on company accounts without any problems. They are able to carry out these tasks accurately and quickly.

Where possible, read reviews about each company

For some business owners it would be wise to check out reviews from other clients. These reviews may aid a business owner in finding the best local accountant for their company. Reviews, although not always available can be found through the internet via social media, but also in local directories, newspapers, magazines, and other such resources. A good accountant quite often has positive reviews from existing customers. By checking out these reviews, business owners can find the trusted accountants that can meet their expectations, so it therefore becomes another important factor to consider.

Don’t forget to ask about their charge out fees?

Different accountants are certain to have different fees and charge rates. It is certainly necessary as a business owner to compare these fees to see what is viable. Some local accountants in Guildford may give a free quote for all potential new clients, so that the clients are able to calculate their budget properly.

Although accountancy fees are an extremely important factor which should be considered by many business owners, it is not always the best option to go for the cheapest.

ACCAHowever, some business owners don’t have a large budget to spend when hiring a firm of accountants, and there are certainly some expensive accountants around!

Hiring such accountants can improve however improve the operating costs of their own business, as they are more savvy when it comes to effective accounting for companies

Finding a local accountant in Guildford or anywhere else is not a difficult task and by simply follow the guidelines set out about you should be able to find high a quality accountant to take care of your tax affairs.

On a final note…..

If its possible, try and compare some of the available accountants for their skills and knowledge before making a final decision. When the time comes, it might be worthwhile having an initial consultation with them, to see if they are right for your business and can achieve what you expect.

An accountant has a vital role to play in any type of business, unless of course you are qualified yourself to be able to handle your own tax affairs.  So with that said, it is only right that you find the best one. A truly reliable accountant will have good characteristics, qualifications and experience so they can help business owners deal with this sometimes complicated area of accounting.